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Leading Expert

World renowned “Cyber Safety Expert™” Rob Nickel awakens audiences to the dangers that are lurking online. Rob is a former 14-year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police who spent over half of his career working online undercover. In February 2003 he retired at the Rank of Detective Sergeant from the OPP Child Pornography Section. He is globally recognized as an expert in the field of undercover investigations as they relate to the Internet. The investigations Rob conducted included face to face meetings with pedophiles in an undercover capacity as well as working undercover online. Rob also lectured and trained officers throughout Canada and the world on online undercover techniques. Rob has lectured in numerous provinces throughout Canada, as well France, Spain, Belgium and Brazil.

Rob is recognized in Canadian courts as an expert in online undercover investigations, workings of the internet, in relations to criminal offences and the identification of child pornography. For 2 years Rob was the secretary of the Internet Specialists Group, a sub-committee of the Interpol Crimes Against Children Specialists Group.

Award Winning Speaker

In 2004 Rob competed in the World Championship of Public Speaking held in Reno, Nevada in front of 2,500 people. To achieve this Rob had to win 5 levels of competition throughout North America. This competition started with over 30,000 people competing, and at the World Championship Rob was one of the top nine speakers in the world.

When hiring a speaker there are two major qualities organizers look for; they want the expert in the field as well as a gifted speaker. Rob has that gift, and uses it to captivate the audience, build a rapport that is needed to keep the audience involved, and the expertise to make the impact of the talk remain. His talent in speaking is also a great asset when it comes to communicating with High School students. Rob can build a connection with teens and preteens that enables him to get his message across by speaking to them on the same level. By using past investigations as examples, it not only keeps the children interested, but helps them understand the dangers that are out there in cyber space.

Parents, Students and Teachers

Rob has presented at numerous high schools, parent events and teachers conferences, speaking to thousands of parents, students and teachers throughout North America and the world. No audience is too big or too small for Rob's presentations, and be assured that your audience will walk away with the tools they need to help keep children safe in a wired world.

Since Rob is also a inspirational speaker he presents an internet safety lecture that is upbeat and fun for both adults and children. Being an expert in an area also means being called upon to do media interviews on Television, Radio and in Print. Over the years Rob has appeared on many television shows including, "Oprah Winfrey", “The Dr. Phil Show”, “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on CNBC”,  “Good Day New York on FOX” and Canada AM. He has appeared on hundreds of Radio broadcasts and been quoted in news papers and magazines around the world.

Rob will make any event a success. His expertise along with his championship speaking style guarantees that!

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