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Keeping Kids Safe in a Wired World

The Future of Internet Safety Technology
is finally here!


Get to know the various issues to do with Internet safety before you enter the classroom. Get familiar with all applications children use on the Internet. “Staying Safe in a Wired World” by Rob Nickel to help you get up to speed with the different applications and ways
to keep children protected online.

Make sure you are prepared by knowing what the computers are capable of doing within your school.Understand what applications, filters and child protection software is installed the school computer systems.


Dedicate one class to what is expected when going online from the school before you even go online. What activities are allowed and which activities are not. Remind the students of any Acceptable Usage Policies they have agreed to.

Avoid letting students search and wander - they could end up entering areas that are unsafe, and may see things that they should not be viewing. Select a few sites of interest and stay focused.

Look out for students turning off monitors quickly, switching screens when you walk by, laughing at something on the screen, grouping around someone else's computer or looking embarrassed. These are all warning signs for potential trouble.

Reward students who are acting responsibly in the class when on the Internet.  Make them a positive role model for the rest of the class.

Display positive messages around the classroom to reinforce the importance of Internet safety. 

Instead of banning everything that the students enjoy (chat rooms and email for example), investigate ways in which you can use these technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

If you would like Rob to speak at your school or conference please e-mail him at rob@cyber-safety.com or call 519-654-0002 ext. 1.




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